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The Full Mouth Reconstruction Process, from Start to Finish

Because every full mouth reconstruction is personalized to meet the unique needs of the patient, the exact process is different from person to person. While some full mouth reconstructions can be completed in one or two office visits, others will span several months. Generally, the more extensive your oral health concerns are, the longer and more complex your full mouth reconstruction process will be.

Dr. John W. Dovgan will work closely with you to create a plan that suits your unique schedule and budget. Because he performs a majority of restorative procedures at our Phoenix, AZ, office, you do not have to worry about spending additional time traveling from dentist to dentist for your full mouth rehabilitation. 

Step 1: Your Initial Consultation 

The goal of your first consultation with Dr. Dovgan is to diagnose your oral health needs, establish your goals for treatment, and give you an accurate summary of what your full mouth reconstruction treatment will entail. Dr. Dovgan will conduct a dental exam to identify cavities, gum disease, or any other damage to your teeth. If you are missing teeth, he may also discuss the benefits of dental implants with you. 

For some patients, the timeline for full mouth reconstruction can span several months. But the results can last a lifetime. 

During this time, we can also provide a personal estimate and discuss financing options with you. Our office works with CareCredit® and LendingClub®, among other lenders, to help make your treatment more affordable. 

Our 3-D scanner allows us to create incredibly detailed images. This information is used to inform and educate patients and also to plan procedures with greater accuracy.

Step 2: Planning Your Reconstruction 

During your initial appointment, Dr. Dovgan will also use his in-office ORTHOPHOS® SL 3-D scanner to assess the health of your smile. This device allows him to visualize your biostructures and evaluate the underlying bone. If replacing missing teeth is a part of your treatment plan, he can also determine the precise location where your dental implants should be placed. 

Step 3: Preparing Your Smile 

If you have chipped or decayed teeth that can be treated with cosmetic dental bonding, a tooth-colored filling, an inlay or onlay, or a dental crown, we can provide these in our office on the same day as your first treatment session. Our in-office CEREC device is equipped with a milling unit that can craft lifelike, durable restorations to cover the surface of a badly damaged or decayed tooth. 

In some cases, patients also require gum disease treatment as part of their full mouth treatment plan. We typically stage gum disease treatment over two appointments to minimize sensitivity.

If you have extensively damaged or decayed teeth that cannot be saved through traditional root canal therapy or dental crowns, we can also perform a tooth extraction.

Step 4: Replacing Missing Teeth 

Approximately 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, so treatment for missing teeth is commonly a part of a full mouth reconstruction. If you choose to replace one or several missing teeth with implants, Dr. Dovgan can perform dental implant surgery. Although the length of your surgery will depend on how many posts you are receiving, most dental implant procedures can be completed in one to two hours. Sedation is available to ensure your comfort.

Every person heals at a different pace, but most patients are fully healed from implant surgery within three to six months. During this time, you will be given a temporary restoration to wear. If you had bone loss in your jaw prior to receiving dental implants, it is important to note that you may also need a bone graft or sinus lift prior to implant surgery. These procedures are typically performed six to nine months prior to receiving implants, but can provide a strong, healthy foundation for years to come. 

Step 5: Creating Permanent Restorations 

Once you are fully healed from implant surgery, you will be ready to receive your permanent dental crownsbridges, or dentures

If you chose a traditional restoration without dental implants, you will typically receive your bridge or denture within a few weeks of your first appointment, while crowns are typically placed on the same day

Step 6: Receiving Finishing Touches 

After undergoing restorative treatments, many patients want to see their smile in its most beautiful form. We offer cosmetic dentistry services, including porcelain veneers and dental bonding, to address cosmetic issues. It is important to note that whitening should be performed prior to the placement of any dental restorations.

Step 7: Enjoying Your Results 

Your treatment is not finished when you leave our office. Dr. Dovgan and our team will instruct you on how to properly care for your restorations to ensure long-lasting results. In order to protect your results, we also recommend biannual visits to our office. 

Start the Process Today 

For some patients, the timeline for full mouth reconstruction can span several months. But the results can last a lifetime. Dr. Dovgan wants you to experience the best possible dental care and a smile you are proud to share. To get a more accurate time estimate of what a full mouth reconstruction treatment would entail, schedule a consultation online or call us at (602) 867-1899.

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