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Dental Implants are the Superior Tooth Replacement Solution

man and woman smilingLosing a tooth or teeth is incredibly taxing on a person’s self-esteem, oral function, and overall wellbeing. In the past, options for replacing lost teeth were limited and most patients wore full or partial dentures as replacement teeth, if anything at all. Fortunately, advancements in research and technology have afforded folks with more options than ever before. Dental implants have become the go-to tooth replacement solution for many people because these biocompatible and durable replacement teeth completely restore oral function without affecting the aesthetics of a smile.

Since tooth loss has such far-reaching effects on a person’s well-being, Dr. Dovgan offers dental implants to members of our community.


A dental implant is a small cylinder-shaped post that is used to support a prosthetic like a crown or bridge. The post is surgically embedded into the jawbone through the empty tooth socket. Constructed from titanium, the bone will ultimately fuse to the post so that it can function like a tooth’s root. Once the implant has been stabilized by surrounding bone, it can support a tooth-shaped prosthetic.

Attached to an abutment, a custom made prosthetic will replace the visible surfaces of a missing tooth. This will allow a patient to eat food comfortably and enjoy a renewed appearance. Moreover, the restoration attached to the implant’s post will support neighboring teeth and therefore keep them from shifting or collapsing into empty sockets.


Since the jawbone is what stabilizes implants, these replacement teeth are incredibly durable. By mimicking the function of the roots of teeth, an implant can support the pressure and force exerted upon a prosthetic like a crown during oral function. This will allow patients to chew and bite food with ease so that they can enjoy a well balanced diet.

Implants also support all the tissues in the oral cavity. They support adjacent teeth by keeping them upright. Dental implants prevent bone atrophy as well, which is a common affliction among patients who have lost teeth.

These prosthetic teeth can look very natural if patients choose white materials for their crowns or bridges. Porcelain and porcelain fused to metal are popular materials used for prosthetics that will blend in well with natural tooth structure.

To learn more about dental implants and whether you are a candidate for this tooth replacement method, call our practice to reserve a consultation with Dr. Dovgan.

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